Self Titled

by Ivy League TX

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Recorded by Philip Odom at Bad Wold Recordings in Austin, TX.
Additional vocal recording done by Jeremy White at White Noise in North Carolina.

Mixed and Mastered by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios in Orange County, CA

Art by Matt Thompson at Sturdy MFG. in Austin, TX


released January 9, 2016


tags: punk Midland


all rights reserved


Ivy League TX Midland, Texas


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Track Name: Daily Pt. III
I can feel it creeping up again
thrown around and smashed like porcelain
a lesson in honesty

I guess I've done a lot of growing
allotted for contingency
and although heartache isn't showing
I think of you constantly
its just something that never leaves

dear father
I think my fear is gone
and I swear I did it on my own
dear father
im a better man
than what your history has shown

folded underneath
my anger and hatred and jealousy
but paper
paper hearts don't beat
I never felt alive
I never felt a thing

Let it go, unfold my pain and let it go

I want out of this hell that I've been living in
no more looking back, no more giving in
Track Name: Four Years ft. Drew Fish
I like to think about the days
of substance
of feeling indestructible by you
and your welcoming of all my insecurities and truth
I needed that square room
something, something to hold onto

but tell me why

why did we let it fall apart
a broken home that led to broken hearts
filed underneath complacency
save me

we're all alone again

those four years meant everything
tucked away in our city
they say that nothing gold can stay
but you will always be with me
does it count for something?

now theres space in between
our family
with nothing to hold us together it seems
but that doesn't mean
we forgot how to dream
I just want to be
buried in this empty shell of this Pine Box that I love.

Track Name: Cold Burn
Feel the cold burn
I've had enough this time, it is your turn
rejected apology
I could tell you meant it artificially

you disappeared in your skin
over and over again
collecting bones to throw
from everyones skeletons
you are not the same as me
you'd have to agree
you kept conforming

Feel the cold burn
I've had enough this time, it is your turn
rejected apology
I could tell you meant it artificially
on and on and on and on and on
time will turn and you'll be gone

so wear your mask around the city
I hope you find that theres no pity for the likes of you
I've always waited for the
time to be the bearer of bad news

I wanna watch the way you fall apart inside
and push out everything that you were gonna hide.